What Are The Top Wedding Trends Heading Into 2020?

If you are planning on getting married in 2020 or helping a soon to be bride and groom get ready for a wedding, here are some trends for the big event. PopSugar lists 32 trendy angles for an upcoming wedding. Experiential weddings top the list. Make your nuptials something guests remember by offering unique experiences within the ceremony and reception. Small weddings are trending too. Make the event as intimate as possible. Small bites and sips rather than a full-on sit-down meal allows a guest to freely mingle and eat and drink as they go. Charitable weddings give back. Instead of the couple getting gifts, they ask guests to donate to a worthy cause. “Eye-catching” wedding dresses for the bride and bow-ties and cool socks for the groom and groomsmen are fashionable this year. Also, traditional wedding cakes are taking a back seat to individual cupcakes or a mixture of sweet treats for guests. What was the most trendy thing you’ve seen at a wedding recently?

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