Do certain songs on your playlist stir up certain emotions?  We all know listening to music can be emotional and now U.C- Berkley scientists have noted the 13 key emotions we feel when we play our favorite tunes. Researchers used data from 2,000 participants who described their feelings while listening to different music styles and found 13 key emotions, like some of these: Joyful, cheerful – Think “Over The Rainbow” from Wizard of Oz Triumphant – big orchestral songs like “The Star-Spangled Banner” made listeners feel heroic Energized – Rocky and countless gym-goers pump up to Survivors’ “Eye of The Tiger” Sad – listening to Adele’s “Hello” made participants feel blue Beautiful – want to feel beautiful?  Listen to classical music Sexy – listen to some Al Green to put you in the mood To see the rest of the emotions you feel listening to music, visit What emotion do you feel listening to your favorite song?  How does the next song coming up make you feel?  Which song makes you feel scared?  Which songs helps you feel sexy?

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