YouTube’s Top Earner in 2019 Made $26M – and he’s 8 Years Old If you’re thrilled to death when a video on your YouTube channel gets 50 views, you might not want to hear this. Forbes has revealed 2019’s wealthiest YouTuber: 8-year-old Ryan Kaji. His channel, Ryan’s World, earned the elementary school student $26 million this past year, the magazine says. Kaji, who’s been posting videos of toy unboxings since he was 3, has amassed 23 million subscribers. He’s even scored contracts with Hulu and Nickelodeon. Kaji, who was also last year’s top earner, beat out other YouTubers by a very wide margin. The number two earner in 2019 made $6 million, Forbes reports. Is there a secret to getting YouTube views? Why are people so interested in watching videos of products being unboxed?