During a recent interview, Robert Pattinson went into detail about his version of Batman and his methods of approaching the role.  The actor said, “In this one, it felt like it was such a shock how smoothly you could move. You kind of end up moving like more of a wraith. There’s a scene right in the beginning of the movie where I’m kind of crouching over, investigating this dead body. And I really wanted a sort of druid.” He also said, “I was trying to play that, trying to think: ‘How can you be a detective when you are wearing this outfit, which is the opposite of a detective?’ I thought, it’s kind of he’s a witch doctor more than anything else. And the more you get it right, the more the police believe him, and so they start letting him into crime scenes and stuff.” “The Batman” arrives on March 4th.  Do you think Robert will nail the role?

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