Well this is sweet!

Gregor Hunter Coleman was singing in a Scottish bar when Post Malone walked in after his tour stop in Glasgow. Posty offered him a drink but turned him down! “He said, do you want a drink? I was like, listen, I’m saving for a house so I’m not drinking just now. Which was daft, my mates were, like, why did you turn down a drink from Post Malone?”

Posty said he respected Coleman’s decision and then offered to have him sing at his concert’s official afterparty. So then they became fast friends chatting it up all evening and singing…then Posty gave Coleman money towards a deposit on a home!  He didn’t disclose just how much he got, but did say: “There were things going around saying he’d bought me a house. Obviously this has helped towards me now having a deposit.” Coleman also got Post’s digits who offered to listen to some of his original songs!