I almost feel like the #NationalWHATEVERDay thing is starting to get a little out of hand.  Really?  #NationalNappingDay?  Today of all days is the day that you’re more tired?  Did you work longer hours?  Did the boss give you extra work today?  Did you walk around Disneyland for 14 hours?  No.

We lost an hour, its not like we had to be AWAKE for an extra 24 hours or anything.  Suck it up and be an adult.  Quit complaining about the time change!

That, and every day when I get home from work, even when its NOT #NationalNappingDay, I’m tired, and I usually take a nap.  I don’t need a hashtag to tell me how and when to sleep!  Much like those people that say “I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, because I show my significant other love EVERY DAY.” I don’t celebrate #NationalNappingDay, because I NAP EVERY DAY!




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