M. Night Shyalaman Shares How He Feels About Bruce Willis

M. Night Shyalaman recently opened up about Bruce Willis and how he defines Bruce as an actor and creator. Shyalaman said, “He is kind of this blue-collar hero that…I grew up with, and not just for me but for Quentin [Tarantino] and Wes [Anderson], and you name it, Fifth Element. Every time, he took risks and just jumped in, and when he believed in you, he was just behind you and would be like the muscle behind you to go ‘He, go for it.'” He continued, “On the first Friday…they said ‘Bruce Willis wants to talk to you in his trailer,’ I was like ‘Oh my God!’ I was twenty-whatever, and I was like, ‘Oh no. He’s gonna yell at me.’ I went over…and he was like a star and I’m this goofy Indian kid. [He said] ‘I’ve only felt this one other time, what you made me feel…with Pulp Fiction and Quentin.’ And I was like, ‘Thanks, sir!’…And I would like skip down the sidewalk! He was that guy. It was tough to get on his good side, but once you did, he was your big brother and just fought for you in any circumstance.” What qualities do you think a leader naturally possesses?

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