Lorde shocked viewers and even the host of “Hot Ones” when she sat down for the increasingly scorching flavors of wings as she answered well-researched questions from host Sean Evans.

Not only did Lorde answer Evans’ questions with humility, but she also annihilated the wings and enjoyed every minute of the super spicy flavors.

“This is a really delicious lunch,” Lorde says in a clip that has now gone uber-viral on Twitter. “I’m not gonna lie.” Even the show’s host, Sean Evans, couldn’t believe how well Lorde was taking in the spicy flavors, at one point she asked if it was ok to have two bites of each wing as the wings got hotter and hotter, Evans could only look in the mirror and give a subtle, “wow” as he looked on.

Do you think you could handle the hot wings on “Hot Ones?”