Ed Sheeran: Pop Peers ‘Want Me To Fail’

Ed Sheeran was recently on The Breakfast Club radio show when he was asked about acceptance from black artists.  Sheeran said on the heels of his latest release, “=,” only a few artists congratulated him on the release, Stormzy, Dave, and longtime friend and mentor, Sir Elton John, were the only ones to send him messages of congrats.  Ed says he feels many of his pop counterparts want to see him fail. Sheeran said,  “In terms of people that actually root for me and want me to win . . . I know so many artists who, whenever I win, scoff, and actually, actively want me to fail. But they would never tell me, I just know. I hang around with people and I hear things.” Can you relate to Ed Sheeran? Do you feel like your peer don’t want to see you win? Share your story.

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