Despite what some people may feel when they hear Ed Sheeran is coming to a television screen soon, the singer isn’t backing away from opportunities to work alongside some of your favorite T.V. shows including the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso.  Sheeran received backlash when he made a cameo in season seven, episode one of the HBO drama, Game Of Thrones. He told the hosts of the podcast “Armchair Expert” the criticism “muddled his joy.” But the feeling seems to be short-lived as Sheeran is set to write a song for the third season of Ted Lasso. Sheeran was to make an appearance on the show but plans changed when he was diagnosed with COVID-19.  Details about the song weren’t revealed when Sheeran shared the news with “The Jonathan Ross Show,” but Ed said he didn’t need convincing to work on the show as he’s “obsessed” with it.  Do you think Ed Sheeran could thrive as an actor?

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