Ed Sheeran Has Re-Recorded ‘Everything Has Changed’ For Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ Album Re-Make

Ed Sheeran says he’s already re-recorded “Everything Has Changed,” his debut from Taylor Swift’s “Red” album.  Sheeran appeared on the U.K.’s The Official Big Top 40, when he was asked about the track he also said, “Taylor’s got a few surprises in store for you, I’ll say that.” Taylor has already announced the “Red” album Taylor’s version is set to arrive on November 19th. Billboard is predicting there will be 30 songs on the new release.  “Red” was originally recorded in 2012 and at the time both Ed and Taylor said there were two songs recorded for the album, one made it and the other has remained in a vault, fans hope it will be released with Taylor’s version of the album.  What is your favorite song from Taylor Swift’s “Red” album?

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