Chef Andre – Easter Eggs the Natural Way

Give the Easter bunny a run for his money by dyeing Easter Eggs the Natural way…

(These amounts will color approximately 6 eggs):

ORANGE: Paprika, 4 tablespoons per quart of water

BLUE: Red cabbage, about 4 cups, shredded, per quart of water

RED: Pomegranate juice in place of water OR 4 cups red onion skins

VIOLET: Water boiled with violet blossoms

LAVENDER: 1-quart Grape juice

YELLOW: A mixture of 3-cup hot water, 3 to 3 ½ tsp. turmeric and 1 tsp. of white vinegar.

BROWN: A mixture of 3-cup hot water, 3 tbsp. instant coffee and 1 tsp. white vinegar.

PINK: Cranberry juice or juice from pickled beets in place of water OR 4 cups shredded beets per quart of water.

GREEN: Spinach (fresh or frozen), 4 cups per quart of water.

MOCHA: ½ quart of strongly brewed coffee and 1 tbsp white vinegar.

There are two ways to color eggs with natural dyes: boiling and cold dipping. Boiling allows dyes to penetrate the eggshell and results in darker, more even colors. The cold-dip method can be better if you want to eat the eggs and safer if children are helping out.

Boil Method:
Place 6-8 eggs in a single layer in a large pot and add enough water to cover eggs by one inch. Add some white vinegar (2 tablespoons per quart of water). Add dye ingredients (up to 4 cups vegetable solids or 3-4 tablespoons of a colorful spice, like paprika or turmeric, per quart of water or replace water with any all-liquid ingredient) and bring to a boil. Turn heat to low and simmer for 20-30 minutes. The motion of the eggs in the boiling water ensures that the color will be even on the egg. The resulting egg will be very hard-boiled and inedible, as it picks up the flavor of the dye.

Cold-Dip Method:
Combine dye materials, vinegar, and water in the same proportions as the boil method above, in a large pot. Simmer 20-30 minutes, then strain and cool. Dip hard-boiled eggs in cold dye until the desired color is achieved, soaking anywhere from 5 minutes to several hours in the refrigerator. Turn eggs occasionally to ensure even dyeing. Dry on paper towels or in egg cartons.

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday!

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