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Britney Spears Promises Her Memoir This Year Will Have “Paralyzing” Secrets

Britney Spears says her memoir will drop at the end of the year… and will drop some bombs!

She revealed a few months ago she landed a $15 million book deal.

“I want to talk about secrets!!!” she wrote on Instagram. “The secrets I’ve had to hold the past 15 years I will say are honestly paralyzing.”

In a now-deleted post, she said, “I had so many complaints I wanted to share and bring up only to be told to keep shut … but wait isn’t that what a woman of intellect is supposed to do. Speak up, rise to the occasion make people think.”

And she hated all the documentaries.

“Then all the offers of money to tell my side of the story …and all the documentaries were trash! I’m sure that was ignition to move me forward but honestly I just wanted to spit in any persons face that came near me.” She ended the post with,  “Once it’s released not sure whats going to happen folks.”


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