Bride And Groom Demand Guests Pay Rebooking Fee After Wedding Canceled Over Coronavirus

After their lavish wedding scheduled for this weekend was canceled due to the coronavirus, a bride and groom put out their hands to the guests. Not to seek hugs and handshakes, but to ask them to pay the costs of rebooking the event. According to the alleged brother of the groom, who detailed the story on Reddit, the couple had initially wanted attendees to shell out up to $1800 each for the celebration, which his father stepped in to cover. But now postponed, they need an additional $10,000 to walk down the aisle and expect that everyone will chip in.  “If we refuse to pay this time it will be our fault the wedding is ruined blah blah blah,” user Spidercactus56 claims his brother “and his equally as entitled/narcissistic girlfriend” said in their “emergency” planning meeting. What’s the worst entitled wedding story you’ve encountered?

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