Daylight Savings: Turn Back The Clock This Weekend

Every time we approach Daylight Savings, these questions always appear?

Is it an hour backward? Is it an hour forward? Are bars open longer?

Does my smartphone change automatically?

If I’m late for work, is it my fault? Nobody told me.
What if I’m early, do I get paid overtime?

Well, I can’t speak for your work, but I can say: we turn the clocks BACK 1 hour on Sunday, November 5th at 2am, then becoming 1am. (ALWAYS remember this simple rule: Spring Forward and Fall Backward). Nightclubs and bars will still close at 2am, not staying open an additional hour.

Smartphones will automatically change the time, however, wristwatches, battery operated clocks and kitchen devices will have to be changed manually.

Don’t forget to check your car too, that may have to be changed manually as well.

Happy Fri-yay and enjoy the extra hour of sleep on Sunday!

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