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Sixty Seconds of Style - August 10th, 2014

Aug 10, 2014 -- 8:20pm

"Sixty Seconds of Style" - EVERY Sunday Night at 8:15pm with Kim Appelt

Tonight we talked about "sporting event fashion"

For more fashion tips, visit www.stylebykimxo.com


Football season is upon us! Regardless of what team you are cheering for, if you are headed to the game

getting dressed can be tough. If you are like every other girl out there you want to look cute,

but if you dress too girly you will look like a dork and feel totally out of place.

We all love to watch the cheerleaders but you definitely must not take your cues from them.

Here are a few style cues from celeb sports fans.  



When in doubt add accessories.  A classic tank or long sleeve tee and jeans is perfect,

add the layered bracelets to complete your easy laid back girly but not too girly look.

These ladies look great court side. Find some cool bling to add to your arms herehere and here.





A pair of awesome shades.  For game-day I love aviators and wayfarers like Amanda Seyfried is wearing—

they’re a little more sporty than a few other shapes. The UCLA game or San Diego Chargers is not the place

for massive oversized shades.  Keep those for the Hampton’s or a pool day at the Montage or The Ritz.

Find Amanda’s wayfarers here, my personal favourite Persol ones here or pick out a pair you love from these aviators here.




A pair of Jean shorts is an easy go to.  Very girl next door but also super sexy. A few of my favourite pairs herehere and here.




Pair a bright red pout with something casual for fun.

It’s best to skip the bold lips with anything dressy—it can make you look high-maintenance.




There’s something about a slightly faded tee that oozes casual-cool. Jessica in her vintage UCLA tee is rockin’ it. Some Football tee’s herehere and  some great vintage tees here.




When it is a bit colder throw on a team toque. Find your favourite team toque here.







Show your pride with your baseball hat! Cute, sporty and hides your messy hair!  Check out a fewherehere and here.

Let’s be honest most of you can pull all of this off.  Throw on your vintage or fitted jersey with a pair of cutoffs and a baseball hat and you are golden.  Red lips, cool shades and a bit of bling all look good to. Make it personal and have fun. Take these sweet style cues from celeb sports fans next time you’re headed to the field…or stadium…or court

Enjoy the game!

Sixty Seconds of Style - August 3rd, 2014

Aug 03, 2014 -- 8:20pm

"Sixty Seconds of Style" - EVERY Sunday Night at 8:15pm with Kim Appelt

Tonight we talked about "summer weddings"

For more fashion tips, visit www.stylebykimxo.com 


What to wear for all those summer weddings

It's wedding season again and invitations to summer weddings have been rolling in,

you need something nice to wear pronto. It’s tough sometimes to know…

do you opt for a glammed-up gown? A cute minidress? Something alternative and edgy?

I compiled a short list of a few of the types of weddings you may encounter and an example of a style for each.


Preppy Summer Wedding: A Vintage-Inspired Dress

I always like a 50s-inspired fit-and-flare shape with an updated striping.

This fun dress would be perfect for an outdoor wedding on the water

or for a cocktail-attire indoor reception.  Find this one here.


 Garden Summer Wedding:

We have all had that one summer with, like, five weddings on the calendar

and sometimes you have to recycle your dress. The floral maxi (or gown, depending on your occasion)

will have you covered for many different types of weddings.

If it is more formal add statement earrings, strappy heels, and a boxy clutch.

A garden ceremony, change your shoes to Flat sandals leave your hair down and wavy and you are done.

Find this floral favourite here.


 Day-to-Night Summer Wedding: A Simple Lace Shift

I think one of the prettiest trends of the summer is lace.

White lace is reserved for the bride, so don’t pull that dress out…today is not your day.

This Dolce Vita blue dress by  is the prettiest way to get your lace fix without taking away

from your friends big day. Some of my other favourite blue lace dresses here, and here.




 Fashion Forward Formal Wedding: The Jumpsuit

For an fun and edgy but very appropriate formal wedding outfit try a chic

and very elegant jumpsuit. Keep it streamed lined and tailored.  

Add silver or black strappy sandals or pumps and a matching clutch.  

I like hair slicked bak with this look , into a bun or a pony at the back.

Find this one here.  A few others here and one of my favourite companies Tart here. 

Sixty Seconds of Style - July 27th, 2014

Jul 27, 2014 -- 8:15pm

"Sixty Seconds of Style" - EVERY Sunday Night at 8:15pm with Kim Appelt

Tonight we talked about "summer sales"

For more fashion tips, visit www.stylebykimxo.com 

Summer Sales

I know we're right smack in the middle of summer, but now is the time that all of the summer sales start!

You can pick up some of those great pieces your were coveting over for half the price.  

All of the boutiques and large stores are clearing out and making room for the fall clothing coming in.

VELVET TIE DYE LUXE ELDON DRESS Available at Revolve Clothing. Check out the Revolve sale here.




Milly Box Silk top from Saks.  Pair this top with any pair of jeans or jean shorts to dress up an outfit.  

Finish it off with a nice pair of sandals.  Shop the Saks sale here.



 Rag & Bone Capri Zipper Jean from ShopBop. Shop the whole sale here.




Vans & Madewell paisley slip-ons.  

I saw these in the beginning of summer and wanted them,

if you did too here is your chance to pick them up on Madewell’s site.  

Shop Madewell full sale here.


There are a million sales on line and in the stores, so get out there and take advantage of it!


Happy Shopping! 

Sixty Seconds of Style - July 20th, 2014

Jul 20, 2014 -- 8:20pm

"Sixty Seconds of Style" - EVERY Sunday Night at 8:15pm with Kim Appelt

Tonight we talked about "sunscreen"

For more fashion tips, visit www.stylebykimxo.com 


Summer is here for most of us this means sunny days and weekends outside. 

When choosing coverage, SPF is just one factor in choosing (and wearing) a sunscreen.

How a sunblock smells, feels, and works with your makeup determines whether you’ll actually rub it in.

Here, a few of my favourite creams to try this summer.



 Anyone who knows me well, knows that Coola is my all time favourite sunscreen.  

I love the smell….especially the Pina colada. The spray goes on perfect with a light mist and it is never slimy or sticky.  

It’s also 70% organic and contains ingredients that sound like they are helping me turn back the hands of time:

plankton extract, acai oil, safflower oleosomes. Sold.

The face sunscreen is always a top seller. 

It’s thin, goes on easily over moisturizer, leaves a nice dewy finish

and there’s no lingering scent after an initial hit of unisex cucumber.

Check out my favourite here.



What looks to be a creamy white lotion out of the bottle actually feels light when you apply it—

very surprising for SPF 50. It leaves skin smooth and dewy, and it’s packed with a handful of antioxidants

(goji berry, vitamin E, and einkorn wheat) for additional anti-aging benefits am digging.

Find Kiehl’s here.




I love this one for the smell. I have memories of Coachella and Palm Springs attached to this sunscreen.  

The lightweight mix of floral notes and sweet banana actually does leave your skin feeling softer post-application.

I think you will love it as well.  You can find it at any drugstore.




Like any spray it’s easy to apply—a spritz, quick rub and you’re done.

But unlike other sprays, this one is an oil so it gives your skin a soft sheen that reflects

in the light in a really petty, subtle way (not shimmery or greasy).

It also includes natural moisturizing antioxidant oils, like argan, which absorb quickly and are rich in omega 3s.  

Again you can get it at most drug stores, but I attached an online link here incase you want to just order it.



I love this one.  I first discovered it at the JW Marriott in Palm Desert.

This mineral formula is not only for infants.

The gentle lotion is ideal for fine-freckled friends and adults with ultrasensitive skin.

It goes on easily without feeling too greasy.  If you are skin sensitive, this is the product for you. Find it here.

I picked my favourites for smell, sensitivity, anti-aging and price…there is a product for everyone here.  


Sixty Seconds of Style - July 13th, 2014

Jul 13, 2014 -- 8:20pm

"Sixty Seconds of Style" - EVERY Sunday Night at 8:15pm with Kim Appelt

Tonight we talked about "Men's shorts"

For more fashion tips, visit www.stylebykimxo.com 



The Best Men’s Shorts of the Summer

Here is a list of what is hot for men this summer, check it out and see what works for your guy.





Chalky Chinos

I love the bright hues that are all washed-out and faded. It’s the low-key way to get more colour.

Colour is in for the guys, grab them a pair of blue, green, pink or purple.  

My very favourite brand is Original Paperbacks in the St. Barts Style.  

Find them here.




Muted Plaid

Plaid makes the cut for this summer 2014.  I personally like plaid shorts a bit more muted.  

This reversible pair from Taylor Vintage is awesome.

Two looks in one short, really you can’t go wrong with these.

Take a look at all of their styles here.

Another little tip…if you “Like ” them on Facebook you get free shipping.





Slim Fitting Jean Shorts

Buy them slim, buy them pre-distressed, and never, ever call them “jorts.”

The look is slim and about an inch above the knee.  

These are one of my favourite pairs by Diesel Denim, called the Thavar Slim Fit.

Find them here.  I also like a pair by Pepe, find them here,

and this pair from ASOS click here to check them out.




Khaki Shorts

These are men’s LBD of the summer.  

They come in a million styles and variations of Khaki.

I like these ones from Zanerobe, they are stretchy and add a bit of edge to the usual Khaki shorts.

Find them here. I also like these ones from Topman and these from Fox.

Remember it is most important to find shorts that suit your man’s body type,

but for a general rule of thumb try to aim for flat front shorts that are a slimmer fit and keep them above the knee.

Sloppy oversized cargo shorts are really passé, keep those for around the house.

Happy Shopping! 





Sixty Seconds of Style - July 6th, 2014

Jul 06, 2014 -- 8:20pm

"Sixty Seconds of Style" - EVERY Sunday Night at 8:15pm with Kim Appelt

Tonight we talked about "Summer Dresses"

For more fashion tips, visit www.stylebykimxo.com


Summer Dresses

The best things about summer fashion is cute summer dresses.  

We all love frocks.  Well, firstly, they take all of 10 seconds to throw on,

and to be totally honest it just feels so good when the wind blows around our legs on a hot sticky day.

This year, there’s a lot to look forward to: the summer dresses of 2014 will be full of bright colours,

bold prints and flattering silhouettes.  If you don’t like the new shapes of the summer season,

there’s always the good ol’ maxi dress, a tried and true classic.

So, to help you clear our your wardrobe to make room for cute, warm-weather outfits,

I trolled the Internet for my favourite summer dresses. Feature dress is from Stillwater The Brand.  

Get it here.




1) The Flared Dress: This dress is a really cute and fun day dress.  

A great option if you have a bit of a thicker thigh as the A-line will make your legs appear smaller at the top.  

Alway a good thing.  A good tip to remember if you have a short flared dress, keep the top high.  

You can show legs or a bit of chest but not both or you risk loosing your class appeal.

Find this dress here. Some other great options here, here and here.




2) The Maxi Dress – The tried and true summer dress.  

The Maxi is multi-purpose, great for a beach day, throw it on for shopping or heading out in the evening.  

Add a Jean jacket if it gets cool and a pair of great gladiators and you are good to go anywhere in style.  

This is one of my favourites by Anine Bing, find it here.

Some of my other favourites here, here and here.




3) The Tank Dress – Easy, casual fun and a bit edgy.  

Throw on a tank dress any wear. This dress does well doubling as a beach coverup,

paired with flip flops or add a cool pair of shoes for an eving of dinner on the deck at a restaurant patio.

Find this one on sale here.  Other Tank Dresses here and here.





4) The Flower Print Dress – One of my new favourites.  

I just bought the cutest Splendid flower dress.  Easy breezy and screams summertime.

I love this one, find it here.  Other Favourites here, and here.




5) The Classic White Shirt Dress – I am not going to lie, I have a few of these in my closet.  

I pull them out for day or night time events that require a casual but more classic look.  

It’s a bit more of and east coast flair than I usually sport but I like it.

I  add a pair or edgier sandals or cute pair of ankle boots to break the preppy nature of the ensemble.  

This is on of my favourites that I have in my closet, you can find it here. Others here and here. 



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