Bachelor Winter Games Preview

While Arie prepares for hometown dates next Monday on “The Bachelor”, the franchise is set to debut a NEW spin off tonight (Tuesday, February 13th) at 8pm on ABC: “Bachelor Winter Games”, in an attempt to keep Bachelor Nation glued in for an extra night and capitalize on the world watching the competitions in Pyeongcahng, South Korea.

Chris Harrison and ESPN’s Hannah Storm will provide the play-by-play, as some familiar faces will be appearing on the show, which combines athletic competition with another opportunity at finding love… or in some cases… heart break and the “friend zone”.

The show originates from Vermont and producers truly bring an all-star cast together, and not just from the United States version of The Bachelor, but we’ll be introduced to cast members that appeared on The Bachelor Canada, Sweden, New Zealand and other beautiful destinations from around the world.

Will there be rose ceremonies, yes. Will there be some surprises, yes. Will there be tears, yes.

Will there be a hot tub (it’s a Bachelor show, of course there is!)

Note: there are only 4 episodes of “Bachelor Winter Games”, which will air:

February 13th, February 15th, February 20th and February 22nd (followed by World Tells All)

Soooo, who’s on the show you ask??? Play the video below for a sneak peek:



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